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Sustainable Business Growth Meets Intelligent Staffing

Insignia Resources understands that for many US businesses seeking growth and resilience, the major challenge holding them back is staffing. We have created a staffing model that improves upon the existing framework and frees you to focus on what you do best.

There is untapped talent available to drive value for your business. Insignia Resources connects you to that talent.


We match your open US positions with employees in our state-of-the-art
Panama City office.

Across a variety of industries, we can find talent that match or exceed your needs. Panama has a highly skilled and educated workforce, and we have been building connections for years with Panama-based educational and vocational institutions to create a large pool of excellent potential candidates.

Selecting Great Candidates

With your job postings in hand, we find you a number of candidates within days.

We vet and interview candidates from our list, sharing the filmed interviews with you. You can also interview them directly (via videolink) if you prefer. Our hiring process is transparent and designed to meet your specific needs, so you can be sure that you’ve found the perfect candidates for your team.


Once we hire your team members, they are your staff.

We help to train and onboard your team. And we provide management support, taking responsibility for key performance indicators and efficiency. They are your staff, but we are responsible for their success.

Ongoing Support

We have a team of managers in the US who provide the link between our Panama office and your business.

Your dedicated US manager enables open and efficient communication between you and your Panama team, resolving issues as they arise. As your team grows, your manager understands your needs best and helps anticipate issues before they arrive.

Open Communication

We believe communication is the key to success and are available when you need us.

The lines of communication are always open, enabling us to answer questions, receive feedback and implement changes in real-time. We supply timely and accurate information and provide the highest degree of customer service.

We’re 100% transparent to customers. You’ll know exactly who is servicing your business needs and when. Clients have full access to and authority over assigned team members, who serve as a direct extension of in-house teams.


We work together with your team to get a full understanding of your business and your specific staffing needs.

We take the time to efficiently learn all your workflows and processes, establishing agreed upon goals and metrics with you. Once we find a group of potential candidates, we train your selected employees to ensure a seamless transition onto your team, supporting their transition every step of the way.

Our sophisticated process allows you to take on rapid growth with no commitment.

Get started today, contact us to begin the process.

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  • Hiring
  • On boarding
  • Training
  • HR, benefits, tax, payroll
  • Ongoing management for team members
  • Assistance with productivity & project management
  • Open communication anytime
  • Client support



Do you have an open position? Simply send an open job description and we’ll find you a qualified candidate within a few days. It’s totally commitment-free.